. . . Looking Long - Max Schaaf

Max said something in the 6 Over Movie that kinda rang a bell about traveling long distances on a motorcycle.  He also said something on the order of . . . "when you've touched every part on your bike and it's yours, you built it - and you're riding it . . . going somewhere.  Way out there . . . not just looking at what's right in front of you - or where you are going.  But, Looking Long . . .  Cool statement.  Never met Max, but he's real observant - and his perspective on things is unique.  AND he builds neat, functional, classic choppers.
(Photo by Scott Pommier from the Michael Lichter exhibit Sturgis 2012)


pat said...

yah max seems neat. hope to meet him someday.

WhitelinePsycho said...

I'm with Pat, nice observation Noot. That thing below is a total freak out, blew up the shots and nearly frazzled my mind, talk about hand fabbed, wow !!!