Michael Barragan - Sturgis 2012

This motorcycle was kinda cool.  Barragan seemed too busy to talk with me, but that's ok - there was a lot going on.  The foot/mousetrap deal was sorta cool.  A properly set mousetrap will almost "hold itself" beyond center (the purpose to aid in clutching) - so, to have your foot do it - I really don't see much advantage - it just makes a neat novelty.  This bike kept your eyes moving around.  I like that about it.  It hadn't really rained hard all week - but, it looked like he strategically hit some puddles - to add a "biker" look to it.  It would have been more work to clean it up. Lots of innovative doo-dads . . . 
I liked it (I think I said that already?)

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grant said...

Michael must have been busy because he is one of the most nice down to earth dudes out there. He loves life and motorcycles and will chat about them to anyone. maybe next time?