National Hobo Museum - Britt, Iowa

On my way home from Sturgis (on the advice of Milwaukee Mike), I stopped at the Nat'l Hobo Museum and was not at all surprised to see our local hobo (Iowa Blackie - who just caught "The Westbound" not long ago) was well represented with a fine display - all about his life and travels.  Blackie's leather jacket and hat - it was cool. Look how small he wrote to fill the page and not waste paper.  He was found quite often out at the local Harley shop . . . sitting on the concrete, or under a shade tree . . . writing in his journals and eating the free hotdogs they offer to customers every Saturday.  His trusty, and very worn 883 Sporty parked nearby - packed with all the provisions needed - just in case he didn't make it home that night - or where-ever he was going?????  The day I was in Britt just happened to be the opening day of the national convention too.
On my own Sporty, I paid my respects and felt a little better about my freedom - and took the long way home.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Feelin maudlin now, kinda sadly ironic how so many of his ilk are deep thinking, almost intellectual guys, who, for many reasons, never quite fit in to the constraints of the straight world. Maybe someone might publish the journal one day, proceeds to homeless men or some such, thanks Noot.

pat said...

cool post noot