Spina been ridin' Harleys long time . . .

Bob Spina checkin' in wit me from Vegas baby . . . he's still sprayin' cool paint, striping like a mofo . . . you want something totally cool - you want the best - you leave your number - I get Spina for U . . . Ride on brothers (Photo:  Uncle Bob on the 45 . . . and Classic Uncle Bob)  You dig ?????

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^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

That's one cool vintage photo.
My boyfriend and his dad and uncles have been riding Harley-Davidson Bikes too! They have the 1942 Harley WLA which still functions well with most of its original parts in place. ^◡^

By the way, please hop over our blog. We just posted something about POCKET BIKES and also, we'd love it more if we can follow each other! ^◡^