Motorcycle Cannonball in Iowa !

Pretty darn cool that Mason City Harley-Davidson had the Motorcycle Cannonball stop by for a break with free food and drinks for everyone - way cool dudes !   I ran over to check it out on my lunch hour.  On the freeway I caught up with a few (doin' a solid 57mph) on those pre-1930 bikes . . . really neat to see against the Iowa fields.

A bit of wrenchin' was takin' place as soon as those "sewin' machine sounding motors" came poppin' in from the road.  Said "hey" to Jeff Decker and Michael Lichter (Jeff addin' a bit of synthetic lubricants to keep everything . . . well. . . . lubed )  All motorcycles have these map-like deals on the handlebars which outline the route for the day . . . and each participant gets one every morning.  Kinda cool.  I talked to Matt Olsen and he was doin' great - a few tack welds on the rear fender, and a funky seat - but, he looked good for another 2000 miles.  Tonite they stop in Spirit Lake, Iowa and check out the newly, emerging Indian Factory . . . Yes, the marque will be manufactured, brought back to life, in of all places . . . Iowa !


pat said...

freaking awesome noot. wish i was down there instead of sweating my ass off in the shop!

WhitelinePsycho said...

I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to see all that old iron actually out there, on the road doing serious miles, thanks for the post Noot, seriously good shit.