S&S Cycle Super B Series

The S&S B ( and it's big brother the Super D) are tried and true.
There are a few different versions - but, all function the same.
Very affordable ($50 - $100)
Easy to Tune (Variety of common jet sizes)
Top end power !
Simple to operate - Few moving parts
They like cubic inches (74" to 96")
They look cool. - Easy to polish !
Look for worn throttle shaft (kits to fix)
No accelerator pump (works better with electric start)
Have to cut the ball off your cable (leads to frayed ends)
If you have a 80" shovel - and don't want to pay $350 for
a Super E Kit.....
Try a B on for size.


jojo said...

Only carb I'll ever run, I love simplicity and functionality and the super B is exactly that.

Wheelman said...

The B is definitely a good carb when set up correctly. They are more forgiving when it comes to exhaust systems too. The E can have scavenging issues when running straights. The B digs them straight pipes!

Irish Rich said...

That reminds me, I need to ship you my B to work over.

Hey, I lost your Email address (which means I didn't save it! DOH!). I wanted to thank you for the Christmas care package. Drop me an Email, OK? I have some interesting AMA flat track shenanigan history you might not know, to tell you about....

Cycle Nazi said...

wheres my fucking fruit basket, hahah just kidding Noot...I was happy to hear you liked your christmas card...hope it is still on the fridge...my son and daughter helped my make that card and they would be happy to know its on your fridge for everyone to see...

bake said...

A b on the old skool stuff with straights? Sucks!!!

Axle505 said...

Hi, Noot! Irish Rich told me to get ahold of you for work done to an S&S B carb. I haven't bought it yet--was thinking of using one though. Gonna put it on an 80ci Evo. Thank you, Rich