283 Build Up

The "283 Guy" out in Washington state said to get one of these if I could (got one) . . . your basic 275-300hp mid 60s cast iron (date code 1966 on this one) long runner, cast iron manifold.  This will warm up correctly, give increased torque (that's what we're after) and excellent throttle response.  Other suggestions are:
- 097 Duntov mechanical camshaft
- 58cc chambers, ported, comp valve job(use the heads I got with it)
- Maybe advance the cam 4 degrees for torque?
- .021 Metal head gaskets
- Flat top pistons (9.5:1 cr)
- Mill heads .030 - Surface block
- Edelbrock 500cfm carburetor
- 1 1/2" small tube street-rod headers (or warmed over manifolds)
- HEI (will fit with above manifold)
He said it will surprise a lot of people . . .
Thanks Grumpy ! (a different Grumpy)

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Reads really well mate, ol Zora was a bloody genius, no doubt !!!