Rochester HD Meet & Show . . .

Thanks to Rochester Harley-Davidson for putting on a really good show at the Mayo Civic Center.  If you've never been to this - it's always a good time, with an interesting blend of technology, performance, vintage parts . . . even these new "fully powered electric motorcycles" this year.  A huge variety of motorcycle interests - and it's just small enough to keep it personal.  I don't always say it - but, I'm always really impressed with everyone I meet at this event, and the amount of talent that's in this area.  I went out the night before and had a little too much fun - but, JB, Pat and their wives took care of me which I'm forever greatful - Thank You.  I'd like to say I really liked Jordan's Yamaha.  You can tell he worked real hard on it - and you know it didn't look like that when he got it - Paint by Jeremy @ Relic.  Oh, and for the bike show they made up the coolest lil' trophies - really neato !
Some new records were set at this year's event:
1. Fastest time I ever made it to Rochester in the van.
( 1 hour 20 mins.)
2. Fastest time I ever lost at Arm Wrestling(both arms)
( .0005/second - Kevin Baas)
3. Fastest I ever got drunk
( 45 minutes - some Hop Sing stuff - D. Huxsol)
4. Fastest I ever got kicked out of a booth
( .01 Second - by 4 college girls )
5. Fastest time from Kahler Hotel to Civic Center by foot
( 4 minutes 39 seconds )

I would also like to thank the La Crescent / Hokah High School Shop Class(photo above) for stopping by the booth to hang out.  They are building a way bad ass chop - which will run an inline 4 cylinder engine - which we hope to see finished at the show next year !  ( and please don't ever drink too much like I did the night before the show - spend your money on bike parts ) Over & Out 'Til next Time !


WhitelinePsycho said...

Congrats Noot, on the trophy and all the other record breaking activities.

JB said...

Noot it was a trip as always...We all had a blast and the show would not be what it is without you. Thanks for the magneto book good reading man..see you at Donnie Smith!

Hux said...

Good to see ya!

Mr. G said...

how Did I miss this show again..