Rochester this weekend . . .

JB and myself have a booth,  I guess????  Come and see us at the Mayo Civic Center this Saturday.  We'll be selling some parts . . . check out some bad-ass motorcycles - get out and live a little.  Donnie Smith will be hangin' with us again (the guy is a walking chopper history book) - and I got a bunch o' questions to ask him about the old days.  See ya'll soon. . . . Oh, Hux is comin' too . . . and that guy that runs track and builds aeroplanes.  AND, if we get out of there early enough, we can make the Show Class Party !


pat said...

You've got a spot for sure! & you wanna hit that party?????

wReY sWiFt said...

Awesome vintage photo! Cool chopper! ヅ

P.S. You may want to read my boyfriend's post about the MotoRally (of 1,000 miles for 24 hours) in which he joined in.
Just click the link below to check it. ヅ