Camshaft Endplay TECH

The factory (H-D) says .001 to .005 specifications.  I think that's too tight.  Big Noot (and myself) have seen plenty of "blued" cam shims and thrust washers.  These new cams (like Andrews, etc.) are made from a very low porous steel which can grow more - requiring more end play. Andrews says, .008-.012.
Always follow the specific instructions for your particular 
aftermarket camshaft.
1. Always check cam shaft end play with gasket and
cover fully tightened to torque spec.
2. Make sure there are no burrs on thrust washer.
3. I always "time" cam and breather
just the way in will run in engine.
4. Move cam towards gear cover (away from case)
5. Feeler gauge between thrust washer and cam shim.
6. Check at 180 degrees (rotate assembly and check again)

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WhitelinePsycho said...

At least there's consistency in the specs, try that with a classic era Ducati, every one different, ha !!!