American Original

I toured the SPAM Museum on Saturday in Austin, Minnesota.  Funny, Huh?  It's a free tour about the history of the Hormel Co. (founded by George Hormel - and Austin resident.) Actually, it did something for me - which was unexpected.  This tour opened my eyes to what makes this country so great - and what we've lost too.  Hormel supported this nation through depressions, wars, thru good and bad times.  Their stock has split like 6 or 7 times.  They just purchased Skippy - and it went up again.  They have over 4000 employees.  The company reminds me of Harley-Davidson Motor Co.  Hormel has diversified over the years, where Harley - not as much.  I think Harley needs to take a look at Hormel . . . and diversify a bit more.  To remain "an American Original" . . . you have to come up with something "original" - your own idea, not just what everyone else is doing.  We made some Spam for breakfast.  I bought the Spam Lite, and it's still rather high in cholesterol and fat - and sodium.  But - delicious !  Fried !  It's American !

NOTE:  Above Cheryl is timed to package 6 cans of SPAM . . . and then it let's you know how many cans are produced in production in the same time period.  532 cans to her 6 . . . Did you know that SPAM comes from the two words Spiced and Ham?  See Wikipedia for more information on the Hormel Co.


WhitelinePsycho said...

For you buddy, after WWII they were on meat rations in the UK for ages, Spam was ubiquitous . . . the classic Python pisstake, complete with subtitles for you Seppos.

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