Dave Polgreen

I've featured David on this blog more than once . . . and as I get to know him a bit more . . . I'm increasingly impressed by his motivation towards building custom motorcycles.  This guy has a level of organization that is at a very high level.  Dave got me the correct jet for my S&S GBL (but, he's pretty tight with his parts - so, don't ask).  He's currently in California (lives in Minnesota) finishing up a big-twin flathead chopper for the Born Free Show.  He will be completing the build "on-the-road . . ."  without the aid of his well-organized shop(garage) space.  Keep looking for his latest creation as Born Free gets closer . . . I'm sure it will be a knock-out winner.  Also, good luck to Pete Mason (who is also out there with Dave) finishing up his latest Knuckle-Chopper build-up for BF too . . . (this photo stolen from the HEAVY CLOTHING blog was most likely snapped by Zac Doom)

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JB said...

I heard Dave quit his day job and now is clearly "living the dream" His BT Flathead should be impressive as always