Memorial Weekend Running of "The Mile"

If you have never seen a mile race . . . this is the one.  The fastest mile event in motorcycle dirt track racing.
Faster than Indy, Faster than Sacto, Faster than Del Mar . . . one of the fastest dirt tracks in the world.  It was built from special dirt from the Sangamon River Valley - and through-out the years of packing, racing, motor oils and tire rubber it has created a very unique track surface.
Engines are 45 cu in and can reach speeds 
of 135mph on the straights . . .
4 to 5 lead changes per lap is not uncommon
Jockey size men with nerves of steel
All the greats have raced at Springfield including:
Kenny Roberts, Wayne Rainey, Scott Parker, Nicky Hayden, 
Gary Nixon, David Aldana, Ricky Graham, Jimmy Felice, 
Bubba Shobert, Jay Springsteen, Carrol Resweber, Chris Carr  
as well as A.J. Foyt, Al Unser and Mario Andretti have USAC auto 
victories here . .   . . . the list goes on and on. . . .

It's been prone to rain in the past (more so than the Fall event - also at this same venue)  So, be prepared. TT racing Friday & Saturday nite too . . .


Chopperdave said...

Hi Noot!!!

Hux said...

No Kevin Atherton?

Noot said...

Rich King has more mile wins than Atherton . . . I left out a whole slug of excellent milers - no disrespect. You wanna go Hux?

Hux said...

Shoot me some details....lets roll!