Power Robbing Automatic Transmissions

I'm attempting to rebuild a vintage Hurst Super Shifter.  What a mess.  I got it painted black and cast gray and have to test it each time.  In my research, I found an old transmission article on "Power Robbing Automatics" and the benefits of the manual gear box in racing.
Did you know it takes quite a bit of horsepower to 
spin these automatics???
General Motors
Powerglide = 17 to 18 hp
Turbo 350 = 35 hp
Turbo 400 = 45 hp (holy shit)
C4 = 27 hp
C6 = 55 hp (damn)
904 = 25 hp
727 = 45 hp (what the?)

Manual Muncie / Borg Warner =  I can spin it through all the 
gears with my hand . . .  

With this baby 283 build - I need all the help I can get !


Joann McCraw said...

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Mr. G said...
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Mr. G said...

Noot. I came across this stuff as well while researching the FMX trans behind the 390 in my ford Country Sedan