Steve Droste - AMA National No. 92

Iowa native, Steve Droste was once, one of the hottest motorcycle dirt track racers in the country.  His battles with Keener, Springsteen, Roberts, Beauchamp and Gary Scott sealed his place in the glory days of flat track racing.  Droste moved around to help keep him in the hub of the racing series . . . from Iowa, Utah and even Flint, Michigan to chase the title. 

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Mark Farwell said...

Steve had a brother that worked at Weber's cycle center in Waterloo Iowa. I bought a Yamah enduro from him when I was a kid. At the time, his brother Steve, was doing sows jumping cars with a Yamaha 360 RT1. I remeber him saying that Yamaha semi-sponsored him somehow, and what if remember from that conversation was when he jumped, he used no landing ramp. It was hard on frames, and I don't know if it was the Weber's dealership that provided the frames, but he said yamaha did provide him with frames when he needed them, since they usually lasted 3 jumps.