My dad (original Noot) - Engine Builder

Years ago, Noot's name was in Easyriders Magazine (Nov. 1976) when he did the motor work on this Pan/Shovel Stroker Custom built by Boyd Dingman of Charles City, Iowa.  An 86" motor was a big deal back then - and this thing ran pretty hard.  I picked up this un-circulated issue since he didn't have a copy.  Dingman still builds, paints and drag races his custom motorcycles - and it makes you wonder if this project had been a failure - would Boyd (or Noot for that matter) still be doin' it ?  As it turned out - they both are still bitten by the bug !


Hux said...

Hey Ricky,

Who's roach is under the blanket?

WhitelinePsycho said...

Wonderful slice of history there mate, and the bike is sheer timeless cool as well, beautiful.