Stack Height

When you're my dad . . . and you've probably built about 1000 Harley motors over the years . . .and he's standing right next to you on many occasions barking out commands . . . trying to make sure you check everything and understand why you are doing certain things (not just because the book says to do it that way) . . .  and for the "um-teenth" time he asked if you checked your "Stack Height" . . . and you always check it - and it's always OK.  Well, it finally happened.  My stack height of rod bearing cages was too tall.
Taller then the width of the female forked rod.  This could pinch the bearing assembly and/or possibly let the bearing cage ride against the flywheel thrust washers - which you don't want.  We surface ground about .007 off each cage - and now we are within spec.  Huh, you really have the check this stuff I guess?


WhitelinePsycho said...

That's the kind of attention to detail I'll pay good money for everytime.

Wes said...

Every time, all the time!!

Assumption is the mother of all f*&k ups!!!!

Wes said...

P.S. I've never met you or the old man, but I suspect you'd be my heroes.