Old Bike Oil Change

I don't run oil filters.  
I just change my oil every 2500 miles (or after a long trip).  
1. Run your engine to make sure all your oil is pumped back
to the tank. 
2. Then drain it.  You can disconnect the return to tank 
( I take it off the oil cooler because it's convenient )
3. Install drain plug - add 1/2 quart of fresh oil to tank.  
( I use some thinner weight oil ) 
4. Start engine and pump out remaining old oil 
until it pumps clear.
5. Refill tank with oil of your choice . . .
6. I add a bit of Marvel Mystery Oil
NOTE:  My neighbor gave me about 10 quarts of oil when he moved. 
The price was $1.17 a quart when he bought it !
I use it for this purpose . . . 
I run H-D 50wt and 60wt in all my engines without a failure.


bake said...

With the HP that focker puts out, you shouldn't need oil. Never put oil in my lawn mower. Doesn't leak and runs like a top(Harley).FYI!

Wes said...

On my last shovel I had a quick disconnect plumbed into the return on top of the tank, worked great! I can't seem to find one small enough these days.

Noot said...

Same motor modified went 265mph at Bonneville so the potential is there.

bake said...

I have spent more on Harleys than I have in my house. Slow learner.Shits still a joke