1950 Cylinder Heads

The Benassi's came up with a set of heads for me.  Broken exhaust flanges, warped, bad guide, no guide, stripped threads, no threads, pitted seat, guide too tight, burrs and more bad threads.  Pretty screwed set of heads for $200.00.  ($100/head).  Not a deal - Not a Rip-off.
1. Washed & blasted
2. Measured & measured some more.
3. Pressed in new guide
4. Pressed out old guide
5. Sized all guides to valve stems
6. Cut seats
7. Ground valves
8. Lapped valves & seats
9. McFarland surfaced heads
10. Wiley machined exhaust flanges, cut step,
pressed in flanges and welded
11. Installed 15ea 10-24 helicoils
12. Chased threads
13. Smoothed out bad cooling fins
14. Cleaned up ports
15. Bead blasted and washed (again)
AND . . . I'm about 1/2 done . . . not counting all the time to set up and measure spring heights, etc.,
rocker studs, locks, oilers, etc.  So, if somebody has a nicely rebuilt set of heads for $500-$750 . . . it's probably really not that bad a deal !  Pans are cool . . . but a P. I. T. Ass sometimes.

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