Corky Keener #62

One of the fastest guys to ever dirt track a motorcycle . . . Keener is in more flat track photos than any other rider.  He was on the podium more times, and a threat to win any race at any time.  All the greats from Springsteen to Roberts looked over their shoulder and saw a big " 62 " comin' at 'em . . . Keener had a front row seat to many of the AMA's greatest races (since he was bar to bar with them all 25 laps).  I can't believe he isn't in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.  There's probably as many photos of CK in there as anybody . . . Last photo above: Keener, Shell Thuet(Robert's tuner), King Kenny and Dave Aldana.  Total Flat Track Royalty ! Period.


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Will a 20yr old win the championshp.....tune in and find out..... dont be a douche its only $4.99