Brucie ( by Danny Lyon )

Whenever I perform any of the rituals of owning an XLCH, I many times think of Brucie (the Chicago Outlaw depicted in the book "The Bikeriders" by Danny Lyon).  Me and Brucie may have been decent friends due to the fact we have similar motorcycles, and would drink similar beer.  Cleaning dry clutch plates, polarizing generators, setting valves, changing sprockets, timing the mag, tightening CP1038 bolts.  If you ride a CH, you know what I'm talking about.  The tin primary cover.  Yes, the magneto.  I've ridden a 1960s Sportster for almost 1/2 my life.  If Brucie is still alive, it would be cool to meet him.  I sure look at his bike a lot.  Wish I had one of those tachs . . . . I like that he took off the horn, low mirror - and that white buddy seat !

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WhitelinePsycho said...

You're a classic Noot, insights to the mind of a one-off . . . running the fluids to cold over here has, thankfully, never been a problem.