Email from Warner . . .

I open my email this morning, and I get a response from Warner Riley himself . . . cool.

Hello:  The 1970 H-D streamliner set the record twice in October of 1970.  The 1st time the bike went 255mph using an 83 cubic inch Iron Head, and then the bike went 265mph using an 89 inch Iron Head.  These motors were run on high percentages of nitromethane fuel.  In 1971, I used the 89 inch motor to gain a personal entry into the 200 MPH CLUB and in 1972, I used a 96 inch motor to set a record at 206mph.  I also had a best ever speed of 212mph in 1972.  The 1972 motor was a 3 1/2" X 5" and it used steel cylinders with fins, that were made by S&S Cycle.  The 206 record bike ran on 92% nitro and was quite reliable.  The 83 inch motor was 3 5/16" X 4 13/16" while the 89 inch motor was 3 7/16" X 4 13/16" and the 96 inch motor was 3 1/2" X 5" . . . With 92% nitro, these motors only wanted to rpm around 5000-5200 and now I think more advance and/or fuel additive would have been a smart way to go.  -Warner W. Riley

Thanks Warner for taking the time !


Matt said...

WOW thats cool.
Ironheads are faster than a GSXR.
with NITRO!

WhitelinePsycho said...

Wunderbar !!!