Harley would not do this . . .

I really don't think Harley would do this.  You would need very heavy pistons for this to be necessary, and it might make this area weak.  Why would you need to take away material opposite the counter-weight of the flywheel?????  Now, we'll have to have Wiley check these - and he'll probably have to drill more holes in the counterweight itself to compensate.  These wheels will look like Swiss cheese - and if they hold oil when they're spinning - that ain't really ideal either.  The less holes the better I think.  Unless you could drill the holes in the ends of the wheels so the oil flies out?  What a mess.


Irish Rich said...

Can't your guy fill those holes with Mallory metal, and re-balance them again?

Matt said...

My dad and I rebuilt a 63 FL a year ago that someone had drilled out twice as much. Even drilled down beside the crankpin. We were leary of them but the customer demanded the OE flywheels, so against our better judgment we ran them.

1,800 miles later the flywheels shifted .040" and burned up the timken and the pinion bushing. We are replacing them with perfect untouched stock flywheels we had ratholed.

We figured they had used the 60%
balance factor like S&S instead of 50% like HD. Sometimes with the 60% balance factor the reciprocal weight winds up heavier than usual. But you should still never drill near the crank pin. That shit is scary.

Noot said...

To respond:
1. Mallory metal would probably work, but we still have the strength lost, but this is an EL and won't get too many miles.
2. I think Wiley uses 56% ?
3. Thanks fellas ! Merry X-Mas !

bake said...

with the power that thing will put out, you could use balsa wood. wouldn't worry about the strength too much!!!!!!!!!!