Flying Hog: Hello, Zach

This motorcycle always intrigues me.  On loan to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa - from what I found out . . . It was purchased by Frank Spittle at Zach Reynold's auction after his death.  The dual carbs were originally on this bike - and Frank even found the original instructions Jerry Branch sent to Reynolds on how to run Nitro with them.  Pretty Cool.  One thing for sure, Jerry can't spell very good, but who cares about that?????  Awesome stuff . . .
    "42 degrees . . . "
    "take out jets completely . . . "
    "don't idle around . . . "
    "bit more air pressure in the rear . . . "


WhitelinePsycho said...

Serious shit, who gives a toss about spelling ???

Will Spencer said...

I sent a post.. not sure it worked. My name is Will Spencer and was good friends with Zach Reynolds, I lost 4 good friends Sept 9th 1979. I have been buying the bikes back that were sold at auction in March 1983 and would like to know if Mr Spittle would be interested in selling or just giving me a call @ 336 462 3371 or email me @ I have 6 that I know own and I call it the grown up Easter Egg hunt!! Zach was lot older than me and my friends that were killed in the plane crash. At 23 and limited funds at the time I bought 2 and than had to sell.. I have one of them back and almost have the other... My dream is to put as any of them back together in a ZTR collection. Thanks for any help!! Thanks Will