The Ugly Duck - "45"

When I get done rebuilding a motor, I like to sit and stare at all the hard work I just did . . . but, the poor Harley 45s only get a few minutes.  Built as a workhorse - not a showroom beauty.  Not for sales - For a purpose.  The Harley 45 - The forgotten one for years and years.  Nobody cared.  "Hey, for $200 you can have the whole bike . . . just get it out of here."  What goes around comes around - The 45 may just get the last laugh.


Chris K said...

Stubby little lifter/valve covers, finned cases, finned cam cover, and those large finned aluminum heads. To me it's a thing of beauty, but I'm always rooting for the underdog.


I love it, probably gonna look too pretty for "Private Pile" but it is gonna be cool to have it up and runnin. I had to give a little more than $200 for the bike a couple years ago but your right..... wasn't long ago they would give them away.