VIP - Tours - Archives - Food & Friends - Milwaukee, Wisconsin ! MAMA TRIED

Scott was nice enough to grant us VIP tours of the H-D Factory (Powertrain Plant) and the H-D Archives at the museum.  Photos were not allowed at the factory, but it was interesting to see how the new Twin-Cam engine is built . . . even if we don't give a shit about anything made after the 1970's.  The x-rays are of a guy named Robert Craig Knievel.  The "Sturgis Softail" is the only one ever built by H-D.  Turkey Burgers,  Mac & Wisconsin Cheese . . . & Kruse . . . round it out.   
Quote of the week:   
"I miss you - love you . . . but, I love choppers more."


WhitelinePsycho said...

Great coverage Newt, cheers man.

SheaZilla said...

such a great time spent with you buddy, cant wait till next time. Tell your pops thanks again for the tranny im sure he/she will serve me well

Kruse said...

Your camera always make me look exponentially better buddy. Good Fuckin times. Livin the HIGH life.