1959 XLCH Oil Tank

I bought this rusty, chrome tank in Deland, Florida at a swap meet.  It was dirty with a 1/2 quart of black oil inside.  The ladies at the La Quinta Inn boxed it up all nice (and shipped it Next Day Air - Holy Shit ! WTF? to Iowa)  I did not tell them to do that.   When I got my bill, I about fell over.  I paid $80 for the tank, $80 shipping, $20 Powdercoat, $20 for steel & labor to make the mount plates, $10 for special bolts I made - and another $10 for carb cleaner, etc.  $220.00 - I see why they get good money for these things. 
Now I'm gonna put a couple vintage stickers on it.


pat said...

Hahahaha the tank probably beat you home!

Chris K said...

The shipping was a bummer! The good news, some go for more than that before you even clean them up.