1940 knucklehead cases

The flywheel scraper had been ground down previously.  It was about 5/16" away from the flywheel.  Most likely by an inexperienced builder in the past trying to put the larger 8 1/2" diameter flywheels in a 8 1/8" type case.  Early knuckle flywheels are smaller in diameter.  We had the scraper welded up - and we machined it back down to it's original position so it scrapes oil effectively feeding the oil pump cavity - and most of all . . . not dragging down our flywheels in excessive oil - reducing our power output. 
Or something like that . .  ?

The cases are washed in hot water, blow dry and painted - and paint is baked.  The fumes are gnarly.  This seals all the welding pores from previous welding and abuse - This Knuck will LIVE ON !

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