Real or Fake or Show or Go ?

There's so many "race bikes" and "race" this and "race that" it's hard to tell sometimes what really goes - and what don't.  This thing probably goes, (but the Bendix carb?) might give it away as "fake" - but, you know when the Bendix first came out back in '72 or whatever - it was a bit better than the Tillotson possibly, unless you had your Tillotson dialed in and knew how to work it.  I have a Bendix carburetor in my possession that is my dad's . . . who personally took it to Leo Payne to have it bored out.  Leo said, "I never did one of these things yet " . . . so, he bored it and took out the choke plate and Noot ran it to 13.13 times on his stock street bike with smooth ports and highway gears.  So is this thing above fast?  Or does it just look fast and go the same speed as most any other Sportster?  Whatever happened to having a "sleeper."  Nobody has sleepers anymore.  The guy with the "stock" bike that blows everything off the road.  He swears, "Hey, all I did was modify the air-cleaner and put some race gas in it."  

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