at Ricky's . . . Music and Metal

A lot of people know all about music . . . that's the easy, fun part.  To play an instrument takes commitment.  It ain't easy.  To play in a band, write your own tunes - that's another level.  More commitment.  An electric guitar in one hand - and an acetylene torch in the other hand - More commitment.  Ricky has talents that many of us don't have, or haven't committed ourselves like he has.  I look at all these builders as each of them having something special that is their "expertise."  It's hard to do it all - some more than others.  While everyone was still sleeping, I'm gazing around in Ricky's shop.  Man, his band (The Big Iron) has played with some righteous bands - on the same stage.  That's cool as fuck.  History you can't take back.  It's cool I got to meet this guy that few know about . . . credit where credit is due I guess? . . . and we're pretty cool friends now.   
Rock On !

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Anchor Motorsickle said...

Look at you all creeping around my shop. Your welcome anytime buddy!