Sunday River Run

Old motorcycles and wine in the saddlebags . . .

It was a blast bangin' down the back roads on the ol' Sporty again.  It was my only bike for years.  It runs some vintage XLR heads, pipes and PB cams.  I'm screamin' down the highway - and I opened it up.  It gets up on the cams and this little 883 starts gettin' with the program.  You can feel it start to pull.  You don't see old iron on the road much anymore, so you pull into a joint and everyone from full-blown enthusiasts to gray haired ladies ask you all types of questions.  You meet the most interesting people - and every now and then an old racer - and somebody who rode it out . . . just like you.  Plus, it's fun to do stuff with your dad and go ride around on scenic roads on your vintage machines.

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