Seems Like It Took Forever - Part No. 1

Everything today is short, and quick.  Fast.  Hurry up, one day only, I need it by tomorrow, I need it now.  I started out my day on the chopper on the road in heavy wind.  7:30am, swirly clouds, damp spots, hot and cool areas.  High speed air was creepin' through my face shield with a small air whistle that was landing on the edge of my right nostril. Tickled and annoying at the same time.  If I turned my head slightly, the pitch would change, and if I looked to the side, the wind was strong enough, my tinted shield wanted to pop open.  I felt like a guy with a cheap helmet tryin' to go 180 on his sportbike.  I experimented with different angles of my head to get in a quiet zone.  This blacktop surface freeway I'm on - doin' about 68mph has these whoops in it I'm dealing with too.  Dips, humps and the "bridge on" and "bridge off" deals.  Anticipating the bump with a 1" raise off the seat delivers a double-bump that can send you straight up with your legs extended, looking down at the front tire - that's not good.  My knees hurt trying to keep myself in a safe position.  Move up, move back - cocked sideways - I've gone about 10 miles.  I start checking some things.  I reach out and touch my Bates headlight which is bolted to a block of steel I have welded to the lower tree.  It's quiet - no vibration.  I start feelin' around and find no vibrations from the gas tank, air cleaner, primary, reach back for the sissy bar (with my loaded pack) Nothing.  This thing is smooth as glass.  The '52 pan, pistons jumpin' up & down, wishbone pointed south - handlebars?  Just let go and she's straight.  I'm moving around like a monkey, feet up, feet back - fidgety.  I pull in for coffee at Smiley's after about 26 miles.  Rocker clutch, find neutral on the grabber - kill it with my feeler gauge at the mag.  Get off - shut off fuel.  Turn off key (for lights).  Open shield, take off prescription eye wear.  Take off helmet.  Take off gloves.  Kick jiffy stand ahead to lock.
Look up, and Smiley opens the door from his used car dealership.  Good Morning Ricky !

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