#14 Hank Scott . . . and some Black Hills history

The races and rally in Sturgis, SD could be one of the most important aspects in the history of two wheels in America.  In a way, it brought the Midwestern US motorcycle enthusiasts together.  Racers from the coasts first traveled to national events starting in Dodge City, Kansas.  This let the "coasts" know these midwest boys could ride.  The unique racing aspect of the Black Hills is the altitude and the dirt itself.  The tuning of carburetor jetting, traction and suspension set a level playing field.  Local riders often beat seasoned pros.  I always go see a race.  Support the fearless men who can throw that bike sideways in unfamiliar territory.  This year an AMA National comes back to Rapid City.  If mother nature can just hold off her weather for a week . . . ?

Photo Above:  Corky Keener(62) on the outside of this cushion, loose track (note the dirt streak on his shield from his own front wheel) as the one and only, Hank Scott(14) sets up early for the straight.  You can see Aldana(10) in the back struggling with his set-up . . . too little - too late.

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