So you want to build an FXR . . . ?

It's harder than it looks.  Years ago we had a guy cut the box (backbone) out and weld in a different tube, change the rake (using the proper ratios of trail, etc.) and a local welder and fabricator did it all up and it worked great.  Handled well . . . a great handling custom FXR chassis.  It was the first FXR in the area that anyone dared to do any frame modifications to - and he kinda proved it could be done successfully.

Here you go.  Make about 25 copies of this - Use a scale: 1/4" = 2" or something . . . and draw up some different designs for that custom FXR you always wanted.  OR - just go with the design H-D engineers spent countless days and nights, trials and errors, testing . . . with a track record of proven customers from Arlen Ness to The Hell's Angels that said, "The FXR is the best handling Harley the factory ever built." . . .  and leave it stock.  It ain't easy, or everyone would do it.


Chris K said...

Where did you find the FXR chassis art?
It was done for Keith Ball (Bikernet), by guess who.

Noot said...

Can't remember, but I knew who did it when I saw it !