Rain? No Problem !

The Black Hills have a nice shade of green this year due to abundant rainfall.  We had a wet day, but it didn't matter - The boys followed me down to Ol' Smokey's Moonshine where we could drink FREE tall PBR cans (imagine that?) and watch above the busiest intersection in town (Junction & Lazelle) as all the 80s rockers made their way out to see the Crue and Alice Cooper.  What a zoo ! 

One goal I had when building this panhead, was to ride out to Sturgis and get a photo on the hill above old city park, where all the historic craziness of the rally took place.  We spent some time carving names, and dates, and listening to the subtle roar down below of 200,000 motorcycles.

Alva took me on a tour of Gypsie Cycle (the original building where J.C. "Pappy" Hoel had his Indian Motocycle dealership.  He estimated the exact spot where the charter was signed for the very first Black Hills Motorcycle Rally.  Alva is cool . . . he lets me camp in his yard - and I get a history lesson.

The night ended as it does many times over the last few years with the Five 13 band from Colorado !

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Hux said...

Glad to see you made it back safe.