Sturgis " Here We Come ! "

My rigid pan is untested, packed with shit . . . 60+ years old with a 48 year old pilot.  We ran out on two-lanes, through small towns with broken down buildings, trashy bars and depression.  Dodging holes on Hwy 18, tryin' to keep my position on the seat and pegs.  My pack movin' around - situating itself between my maze of bungees.  The wind at our back.  Stops in Everly, Iowa and Tripp, Platte, White River, Wanblee(Pine Ridge Reservation) highlighted the "way out."  The long hills through Buffalo Gap, while challenging on the '64 Sportster, the '52 panhead chugged up to 3000 feet like a vintage tractor.  It's heavy flywheels carrying the load.  I'm now becoming more confidant.  My anxiety going away with a couple PBRs in my system.  I'm twisting the throttle a bit more and more. We're runnin' 75mph quite often, through a land with possible drunk Indians in pick-up trucks.  That smell of those pines is what always tells me we made it - Sturgis, South Dakota.  Let the party begin !

Once we got set up . . . Big Noot joined me, and we headed out to Buffalo Chip for the "Built For Speed" opening night and banquet Michael Lichter so graciously invited me to . . . Thanks Mike !  Motorcycles, Art, Food and Good Times were had by all.  For nightly entertainment we hit Easyriders Saloon for Eve 6 . . . and an awesome show from Dave Pirner and Soul Asylum (who went into a punk-rock inspired frenzy mid way through their hits . . . he totally lit up that Fender Telecaster with blazin' riff runs . . . Hell Yeah

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