I often see my Pink Hat friend(above) at many biker related events.  He knows how to ride long distances.  There's really nothing in life better than packing your motorcycle with necessities - and hitting the road.  The first miles (as opposed to what one might think) are usually the most uncomfortable.  Getting situated.  The realization of how far you have to go.  Leaving in the rain is the worst.  After 200 miles - getting into it.  After 500 miles - your mind is clearing.  After 1200 miles - you just want to keep going, your ears have this dull ringing.  You're not as effected by outside elements anymore.  After 5000 miles - I don't know.  It's unknown to me.  I'll get there someday hopefully.  To know what's it's like after 5000+ miles on the road - on a packed motorcycle.  You might see this land quite differently.  You might change your life's direction?

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