Really Cool Bike

I think this is Patrick's(from U.K.) . . . and he's probably got the brake hooked up, a chain on it . . . and just terrorizing the streets with this total weapon-of-a-vintage-iron-XLR-Street Dominator !  With the proper XLR engine tuned to perfection . . . just try keepin' up with this thing down side streets, through alley-ways, down the dirt, over the bridge, through the field, up the grass hill, through the tunnel, under the tree limb . . . back on the street - sliding up to the pub.  Bloody dangerous in the hands of a capable pilot.
Love those base nuts and front mounts . . .probably 13 sec 1/4 mile - top speed of 120 - uneffected by road conditions, pot holes, ruts or loose sand . . . I give it a GREEN LIGHT.

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