Waubeek, Iowa on the Wapsipinicon River

It's a humid Iowa day, and you're burnin' down a blacktop through fields of corn dotted with small woods and rock quarries.  You come up over a rise and descend into this spot in the road - called Waubeek.  There's a big, two story limestone building with a bar, and a stage out back forming a natural theater for bands and acts of all types.  We parked in the rock lot across the way and walked up wooden steps to a screen door - and were welcomed by cool air fans, and scraggly locals suckin' down cheap brews.  The ice cold Miller High Life can really hit the spot.  We sat out back on the wood deck and listened to the waters trickle down - as old, rusty pick-up trucks idled by with hay, junk or kids in the back . . . What a perfect place for the moment.

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