Dave will be OK ! Whew !

I ask you, "How can you run into Chopper Dave?"   I mean, you always think the worst when you hear "motorcycle accident."  I have no idea what it's like to ride in LA.  Dangerous comes to mind.  But, when it's someone you know, someone you look up to, somebody that you follow, sorta one of your idols . . . I mean, if you've ever met the guy, it's like you've already known him.  He is a sincere fella, and a genuine really nice individual, despite he looks so radical, and rides some of the baddest motorcycles - and is a super genius with building bikes . . . and on and on.  But, you almost know he had his helmet on (due to his helmet advocacy) and Dave's articles on safety are a big reason I always wear mine (especially on the highway).  When you have something like this happen to you - You kinda get to hear and read all these nice things people will say about you when you pass away someday . . . but, Dave's still here for all his family and friends who love him - and it's good when you get another chance, another chance to keep on - and it comes to mind one very important question . . .
Hope it wasn't his kicker leg?
Dave, Good Luck for a Speedy Recovery !

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