Original Autographs of Flat Track Racing

Gary Scott #1  Factory H-D Team
When my dad went to the Indy Mile, Peoria TT, Springfield Mile, Sedalia 1/2 Mile, Des Moines 1/2 Mile, and Black Hills 1/2 Mile . . . he collected autographs from the sport.  I went to Indy a couple times as a youth and remember handing my program through (and over) the fence to Springsteen, Goss, Roberts, Romero, Beauchamp . . . these racers were my heros.  Still are my heros.  
Gene Romero #3
Ken Roberts #1
Rex Beauchamp #31 and Jay Springsteen #25(65X before his national number)
Steve Droste #92
Ted Boody #12
Mike Kidd #72

There's Randy Goss, Hank Scott, Scott Parker, Dave Aldana, Darrel Hurst, Steve Morehead . . . and later years of Ricky Graham, Bubba Shobert, Kevin Varnes, Kevin Atherton, Chris Carr, Joe Kopp . . . and I wouldn't trade any one of them for a Jordan or Rossi . . . maybe a Tarkington?  I got Ray Nitschke !

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BitMonkey said...

I went to see the new "On Any Sunday" movie this week (really liked it incidentally). The interview segments with Kenny Roberts really reminded my just how much I worshiped King Kenny as an 8 year old.