Snake River Jump: Re-Creation

I heard Scott Truax (son of Robert Truax who originally engineered the X-2) is trying to recreate the Snake River Jump . . . and we got Big Ed Beckley(stuntman, promoter, etc) will pilot the new-redesigned unit to fly over the canyon, pretty much in the same area as the gone-but-never-forgotten Evel Knievel.  Why can't we just let history remain the glorious history it is?  The fact that is was done.  A daring feat of courage, technology, money, heart and soul . . . it really was a monumental true daredevil stunt that can never ever be repeated, make it or not.  Let's re-create Washington crossing the Delaware, Neil Armstrong on the Moon, the first 200mph quarter mile with a period correct vintage dragster.  Scott and Ed are brave, industrious men who want to do it . . . I just wish they'd come up with a truly unique stunt of their own - and make their own history - and let Knievel keep his alive as it ever was.

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