Leo Payne Tribute - from UK

I found this pick from Patrick (UK) and his mate from Scotland - built this lil' dragger with ball-bearings and goodies in the spirit of Leo Payne.  Really neato . . . but that carb is way way too dinky.  It needs the MG or GAL fuel guzzler.  I guess it doesn't really matter if it's perfect or not - I like: "the thought that counts."

A point:  You can never recreate history.  It never has the same power or glory.  But, if you can get a small glimpse or feeling of being there that day . . . the rush.  The sense of that Sportster hitting the rpms - the sound - the pull.  It's quite worth it - I know.  Makes life worth living - and you get a hint of what it was like to ride like Leo.  At least in his younger years, before he rewrote the record book and made the rest of us just an enthusiast.

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