email from Mert . . .

I got an email from Mert Lawwill today.  It's really neat this guy actually responded to my "very good question" that I had . . . not too busy for me.  Mert is one of my all time heros of racing and engineering design.  He manufacturers parts for people with disabilities and makes their lives richer, fuller and more worthwhile.  These products help people.  His hard work and dedication doesn't go unnoticed, and he's been so much more that just a famous motorcycle racer and promoter of our sport. 
But, I gotta say . .  when you see the "In-Box" is a reply from Mert . . . it's like - Alright !  Dude ! 
So cool.  Thanks Mert.

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Chris Anderson said...

Noot Jr--i lived about 15 miles from Mert and have a good friend that has worked with him for years--he would come to our local dealership for events and is one of the most genuine, down to earth guys {with his level of talent} i've ever met--a real class act!