McFarland's Micro Machine Shop

My friend Jeff does a lot of my machine work - and it's great to see him progress from a hobby - to a skilled machinist.  He's old-school all the way.  This type of machinist is formed from old-time techniques.  No fancy shit.  It's a dying breed - and we need to keep it alive.  Making jigs and fixtures to assist in the machining process.  We've tackled all types of broken and battered parts - and put them back into service.  I have a workin' knowledge I've acquired from my dad.  I bring measuring devices, indicators and some of my our fixtures - so it's allowed us to basically fix-a-lot-of-shit - and make it reliable and functional again.  Pictured above is his Mini-Bridgeport he's built from scratch.  He's currently working on the lead screw and belt drive system.  It will run - and actually machine, small micro parts - mostly brass and aluminum.  The Micro-V-Twin engine was also built from scratch.  The arm on the front will advance the timing - it will actually run.  He's working on the fuel system.  His shop is heated with this big wood burner, old machines . . . a metal storage bin full of steel bars, brass, aluminum . . . shavings everywhere.  Cold beer - cigarette smoke.  Fun stuff !

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