NOS, New Old Stock

I keep seeing parts listed as NOS, which, to me - means new, vintage, unused parts of oem, original equipment manufacturer's origin.  Made by the original companies like Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, etc.  I feel that "NOS" can also be from Performance Machine, old Gary Bang, Crazy Frank, etc.  But, now you got these bozos listing "NOS" and it's a Chinese part !  It's new, yes . . . but, it's Taiwan, India . . . come on !  If you are advertising a part as NOS for a vintage Harley . . . it should be USA.  (If I'm restoring my Chinese bicycle from 1973, that's different.)  The shaft above is the ultimate meaning of "NOS, New Old Stock."  When I opened the UPS shipping box, and pulled back the bubble wrap, I was like - freakin' aye dude ! 

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