Drag Racing: Movie Reviews

The movie Snake & Mongoose is very weak.  No empathy for characters, weak story-line, too clean of uniforms, perfect hair, it's so fake and unrealistic.  Spotless clean rail dragsters parked all cock-ways next to their pull-type campers with no tools or extra slicks anywhere - no nitro tanks, no oil, what-the-hell - they must run perfect right-outta-the-box? The race scenes are so staged (studio shots) with the cars lined up - then they "crop in" real racing footage of actual runs.  The girls don't look like 60s or 70s chics at all. Flash footage of real drag racing gals like Linda Vaughn or Jungle Pam, and you about fly out of your chair.  It's a good movie to make fun of . . . my wife was like, "That doesn't even look right, does it?" . . . No sweetie, it doesn't.  They didn't even get the Movie Name right - I grew up watching these guys race on television, (I still have the hot wheels and track somewhere) - and the media always referred to them as:
The Mongoose and The Snake !  Mongoose comes first . . . then Snake (sorry Don, didn't you edit this thing?) D+

Now, if you want to see pretty damn good drag racing movie - Buy: Heart Like a Wheel.  True empathy for characters, the actors are awesome, the story-line is superb(Shirley's career of coarse) and much of the racing footage is Shirley's car (with Tommy Ivo driving) and the interviews after the movie with Shirley, Garlits, Kalitta and Tommy himself - are classics in themselves. A-

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