Panhead Rocker Arm Rebuilding

When your rocker arm shaft is loose in your blocks - My first attempt at fixing this, saves you buying all new rocker blocks (expensive).  This check pin is "stepped" in ascending increments up to .875 diameter max.  Rocker shaft is .874 diameter.  The cast iron base was milled clean on the inside surface, removing(about .0015-.002 of material) just cleaning it up. You only need to remove material from the iron base, not the bronze top plate.  The blocks are bolted together and honed until our check pin just fits into both sides or (.875).  The steps on the pin tell you when you're "gettin' close" to the proper diameter.  Now the bores have a nice cross-hatch, and are round again - returning to factory specs. and clearances.
(PS. I think Hawbaker made the check pin?)

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