(P)art Exhibit at the Harley Museum

This is a unique idea - Harley-Davidson is showcasing drafted and air-brushed drawings from their old service manuals, advertisements, bulletins, etc.  I've been looking at these drawings since the age of 5 or 6yrs old.  After you learn a little more about these, they are a valuable tool for restoration, assembly and general information to the consumer (for which they were intended).  After your interest in these motorcycles becomes more and more advanced - you notice "inaccuracies" and incorrect drawings.  The artists saved a little time in many occasions by using the previous year's touched photos, and re-airbrushing parts - and even airbrushing entire parts out-of-the-picture . . . whereas the part is not shown at all.  Parts floating in mid-air with no brackets - fender rivets that disappeared?  It's kinda funny sometimes.  You know what would be really cool with this exhibit?  If you acquired the actual parts (like in the drawing above), and hung them from very thin thread in the correct positions.  You could cadmium plate and/or Parkerize the parts as original - and the viewer would get a 3 Dimensional look at the display parts.  Maybe they did do it ?  I'll have to go check it out soon.

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Team 33 said...

Noot, that is exactly how they did it. Send me your email and I will send you a photo!