Paul Goldsmith

Paul was (maybe still rides motorcycle I heard) a professional motorcycle racer and race car driver . . . He came up through the ranks a few years before Joe Leonard (actually helped Leonard a bit with racing) and was (still is) a very popular rider, and historical figure in racing circles. (no pun intended)
Goldsmith could really wind up those Harley KRs back-in-the-day. Dirt tracks or pavement - he was a threat to win on most any type of track.  Paul always appears to be a bit taller, more lanky than the typical motorcycle racer.  The taller riders impress me (like Ricky Graham), since usually it's the "stocky-jockey" build type that makes a good flat-tracker or road racer.  Paul maybe had to work that much harder - making him one of the all-time greats of the sport.

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